Google Summer of Code 2017 report

Project: Android Field Operation App Version 4Organization: Mifos Initiative
Overview: My project consist of adding new features in android-client app.

Below are the features which I have added during GSoC period-
Integrating pass code feature -
Before GSoC, android-client had a basic authentication system for login. Every time a user had to fill username and password for logging into the app. Now the user can create a 4-digit passcode which can be used instead of the username and password. Implementing this passcode consisted of two parts -Implementing encryption library - Security of 4-digit passcode was a very important issue because we could not simply save that pass code in shared preference. If the phone is rooted then anyone can access shared preference data. So mentors suggested to implement an encryption library and then saving encrypted passcode in the shared preference. I built the encryption library which gives SHA hash of any string. Implementing passcode activities in the …